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Amityville Fiberglass Repair

Damage to Your Boat’s Fiberglass? Yacht Services Ltd. Can Help!

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Fiberglass Repair in Amityville Long Island 


Although looking at broken fiberglass on your boat can be deterring and upsetting, it is important to remember that one of the beauties of fiberglass is its ability to be easily repaired. With glass fabric, some resin and skill, here at Yacht Service LTD we can easily patch up any fiberglass damages with the best color match so that you won’t even notice the difference from the rest of your boat.

Boats experience a lot of blows out on the water and the impact that they continuously encounter can cause a lot of damage to the fiberglass on your boat. Whether it is cracking, crazing, scrapes or dings in your boat’s fiberglass, we can repair it. Here at Yacht Service LTD, we are committed to satisfying our customers and providing high quality services while using high quality materials.

The fiberglass repair process begins by blocking off the damaged area of the fiberglass so that the damage does not spread. For each individual job, depending on the severity of the damage and where the damage has occurred, certain types of quality resin will be purchased. A Tyvek suit and self-contained breathing units are often used so that our Yacht Service LTD team member performing the repair does not breathe in any harmful fiberglass particles.

At Yacht Service LTD, we will inspect your boat thoroughly when brought in for fiberglass damage. There can be damages that are cosmetic or more serious damages that require some more intense structural repair. Cosmetic damages include small spider cracks that are also known as crazing, blisters and scratches. These cosmetic fiberglass damages can be easily and quickly repaired to get your boat back in the water in no time.

Structural fiberglass damages are more severe and require a bit more work to repair. If there is damage that compromises or weakens the stability of the hull it is considered structural damage. If you see damage such as cracking, gouging, impact damage or abrasions your boat should be repaired as soon as possible before the damage gets worse and more intensive to repair. Cracking can be caused by overloading the hull, incorrectly installed accessories, etc. These things should be avoided in order to ensure a stable hull and avoid structural damages and repairs.