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Long Island Boat Storage

Store Your Boat for the Winter with Yacht Services Ltd.

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When the winter is near or you know you won’t be able to use your boat for a few months you’ll want to take it out of the water and safely store it somewhere for the time being. At Yacht Service LTD, we can accommodate 40+ summer season slips and we have 3 acres of winter storage space. Our boat storage site is in a residential area with a friendly atmosphere so that you know your boat will be safe and secure while in storage. We store boats of all sizes and have the capability to haul and store boats weighing up to 30 tons.

We winterize all types of vessels and ensure that you’ll be ready for the summer season and can have your boat back in the water as soon as summer rolls around. Additionally, we are the only boatyard on the south shore of Long Island that specializes in sailboats. Our capability to handle all aspects regarding sailboats and sailboat storage is paramount in our area of Long Island.

Preparing your boat for storage is important so that it will be ready to go when it is time to put it back in the water. Here at Yacht Service LTD we take care of all aspects of your boats winterization before storage.

When preparing your boat for storage, it is important that we inspect the boat for any damages and to bring in the boat to be repaired before it gets winterized. Even the smallest damages can become worse over the winter and should be repaired before the boat is stored. Before storage we will also clean your boat to prevent any mold or mildew from forming during its time in storage. Next, we will check that the engine is running properly and tighten anything that may be loose or disconnected. The fuel line will be disconnected and we will let the motor run until it stops. The boats system will be flushed and the engine will be drained of any water before it is covered. We will then complete the winterization process and properly and safely store your boat.

Our boat storage service here at Yacht Service LTD is very beneficial for our customers. Having a professional and reliable place to store your boat gives you a peace of mind during the winter months. By using our boat storage service, you’ll be able to free up some space at home. While many people store their boats at home in their driveways or garages, you are wasting space that could be used for something else. By taking advantage of boat storage, you can recover this space at home.

Many neighborhoods also have covenants that restrict residents from storing boats in their driveways. If you are faced with this problem, Yacht Service LTD boat storage can be the solution. Leaving your boat in your driveway can also be a security concern that you would not have to worry about when storing your boat at Yacht Service LTD.

Winter Storage Special!

For New Customers

Winterization and mechanical services available while space lasts.

Haul, chock and re-launch: $12/ft
Bottom wash: $4/ft
Winter Storage: $20/ft
Shrinkwrap: $16/ft

For boats 38’ & under.
Fly bridge covers are additional.

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